Self-Publishing Services

Three reasons to partner with Fistbump Media to help you reach your publishing goals:


  1. Teams will accomplish more than individuals. You write. That's what you're really good at. We're good at strategic design, development, and implementation. Together we can rule the world!
  2. Leverage the experience of someone who's been there before. And who is still working the system. Succeeding at reaching your publishing goals requires constant analysis and evaluation. You get the benefit of our experience on dozens of active e-book projects.
  3. We've got plans that will work with your needs. We can cover any aspect of publishing that you need. And we have options that can make our work fit your budget. Let us customize a plan that meets your needs, and come up with a payment plan that fits your wallet. 

You want to put your best foot forward, and our goal is to make sure that you are set up for success. Make sure you have a partner to work with you on the long journey of self-publishing.

Our team has worked with several authors and wanna-be authors, and helped them grow their platforms by publishing e-books. So it doesn't matter if you've already been published by a traditional publishing, or if you're a first-timer with big dreams. We can help you implement the best practices that will help you reach the next level of your publishing journey!

Check out the list of services below, and complete the form at the bottom of the page to get the process started!

My goal is to help you learn how you can leverage the latest technology and trends in the publishing industry to take the steering wheel for reaching your publishing goals into your own hands!

Dan King from the shocking truth about getting published

Emily Wierenga


"I was delighted with the creative and efficient approach Dan King took in developing an e-book for my blog; he is professional, easy going and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Fistbump Media for all of your website-related needs."

(After the launch of the canvas child e-book.)

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E-book Discovery and Planning ($99)

  • Up to 1-hour brainstorming session to discuss theme ideas that are important to you
  • Scanning your blog for existing content on the themes we're discussing
  • Keyword research to determine the feasibility of the themes
  • Personalized e-book development strategy to help you begin your manuscript





Basic Cover Design ($149)

  • Create 2-3 basic cover design concepts that communicate the concept of your book and provides good "curb appeal" for your product pages
  • Revise based on feedback from your review
  • Deliver completed image file that can be used anywhere you plan to market your e-book

Rock Star Cover Design ($499)

  • Brainstorm cover concepts that communicate the vision of the project
  • Work with top graphic designers to submit options using best of class original design for us to choose from
  • Deliver completed image file(s) that cn be used anywhere you plan to market your e-book

Interior Design for PDF ($79)

  • Create overall layout elements, including:
    • Front matter (title page, table of contents, etc)
    • Back matter (about the author, additional resources, indexes, etc)
  • Header/footer design that compliments overall style/theme of the project



Content Editing (price varies based on size and scope of project)

  • Basic review can be completed by one content editor to ensure strength of content and flow
  • Extended review can be completed by multiple content editors to provide additional feedback

Copy Editing (price varies based on size and scope of project)

  • Complete copy edit to correct grammatical errors and structure
  • All changes will be completed in MS Word using track changes and returned to the author for review to accept/decline changes

Kindle Formatting/Publishing ($99)

  • Prep documents for upload to Amazon Kindle format
  • Upload documents to Amazon KDP and test in Kindle previewer tools to ensure compatibility
  • Set up all Kindle e-book attributes based on anaylsis and design phases
  • Note: Depending on the condition of the documents received to complete this task, additional work charges may be incurred. Documents completed using our guidelines should be submitted for best results.



Basic, Customized Launch/Marketing Plan ($49)

  • Launch plan customized for your specific project needs
  • Complete project plan with tasks tied to dates to keep you on track

Custom Author Landing Page on Your Website ($79)

  • Highlight your experience as an author (and/or speaker) and connect to your writing projects
  • Focus is on driving sales for your book projects

Custom Book Landing Page on Your Website ($79)

  • Highlight the features of your book and all sales related links for where ever your book is sold
  • Optimized for SEO on your book and desired keywords

Integration of Free Download in Your MailChimp Lists/Campaigns ($79)

  • Upload your downloadable documents to a secure location
  • Add download link to your list registration process
  • Create campaign to send download to existing subscribers
  • Create sidebar image for blog to promote free download

Execution of Other Launch Plan Elements (varies based on scope of project)

  • Build book launch team
  • Amazon Author Central profile page
  • Other promotional activities



Review of  Current Product Offering and Implementation of Revisions ($99)

  • Complete review of existing product pages and sales metrics
  • Compare to project analysis data and keyword studies
  • Revise product pages as needed
  • Deliver updated project plan for other changes needed



financing, payment plans, website design


Don't let money get in the way of you reaching your goals! We have a variety of options available to make this work easier on your pocketbook. Every project will require 25% of the total estimated cost up front to begin the work. After that, we offer the following payment options that will make this work for your budget needs:

  • 25% down, 75% upon completion
  • 25% down, 25% upon completion, remaining 50% spread out over four monthly payments (for our web hosting clients)
  • 25% down, 25% upon completion, remaining 50% spread out over two monthly payments (for anyone)

And because of the revenue-generating nature of publishing, select projects may qualify for this plan with Fistbump Media acting as your publisher:

  • 25% down, 25% upon completion, then 50% of the royalties until balance paid off, and 25% of royalties thereafter

The future of publishing is about having connections to readers and the knowledge of what those readers want.
~ Seth Godin 

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