FREE Website Grader: Check Your Site Performance

The free website grader delivers results in just a few seconds, and checks your performance, security, search engine optimization, and mobile-friendliness.

Is Your Website Really Performing as it Should?

Your website is typically the first impression to potential customers (or readers). It showcases what you have to offer, in addition to establishing you as an authority in your field. The user experience and performance of your website is incredibly important to the success of your brand online.

It can be difficult to know where to start when trying to identify problems with your website. With our free grader tool, you can get a comprehensive look at your website grade and find ways to improve it – all for no cost.

To learn more about how you can boost your online presence, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of the team members from Fistbump Media.

Free Website Audit

Evaluate Your Website’s Digital Presence

With your grader report, you get more than a straightforward website grade. Our easy and quick grader checks your website’s overall digital presence. The tool focuses on the following areas:

  • Site performance
  • Security
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile-friendliness

You’ll receive a personalized report on your entire performance in the above areas. Additionally, you’ll receive recommendations on ways to improve your website’s performance.

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The Best Web Presence Starts with Optimization

One area that businesses and bloggers focus on when upgrading their websites is search results. SEO (search engine optimization) is vital to your website’s ranking factor. You want to rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs) so your website is one of the first users see when searching on the internet.

The SEO checker includes information on optimizing the following areas:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Page titles
  • Page index
  • Descriptive link text

Our grader tool evaluates the optimization of your website. The results will show you areas where you can improve your technical SEO and overall SEO score, helping you rank higher.

Increase Your Website’s Performance

Your website’s performance isn’t limited to just SEO. You want your users to have a positive experience when they visit your website. Some of the factors that can affect performance include:

  • Page speed
  • Page requests
  • Load time
  • Page size

The scan of your website will also evaluate how responsive your website is on mobile devices. With many users using their smartphones to conduct internet searches, you want to ensure your website performs just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktops.

How Our Free Website Grader Tool Works

Step One: Fill Out Our Online Form

All you need to do is put your first name, email, and website address into our online form. You’ll get your website’s grade in a matter of seconds, including ways to improve your grade. 

Step Two: We Provide You With Expert Recommendations

The digital marketing team at Fistbump Media has experience with helping businesses and bloggers improve their websites through effective content, optimization, and web design. Schedule a free consultation with us to learn about how we can boost your website even more with your tailored strategies.

Step Three: Watch Your Website Grow

Your customer base (or readership) and revenue will increase as the performance of your website improves. 

Hear What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

Don’t take our word from it. Read what some of our clients have to say about how our insight and support has helped improve their websites.

What Sets Fistbump Media Apart From Other Agencies

Fistbump Media was founded by Dan King in 2012 to help small businesses and bloggers amplify their voices through strategic marketing efforts. Our roots are in blogging and digital marketing, giving us unparalleled insights on how to best serve others in the field. And we are also social media marketers who look at your entire digital presence (website, search engines, social media profiles, etc).

Our services, coupled with our clarity grader resources, help you achieve your milestones and grow your audience. We’re focused on achieving results and use the data we gather to continually improve what we offer our clients.

Fistbump Media knows how to help you hit your goals because we’ve been in the same position as you before. With our strategic partnerships with other marketers/agencies, there isn’t a job too small or too big that we can’t handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Website Grader Really Free?

Yes, Fistbump Media’s grader tool is 100% free. You’ll get your overall score in just a few seconds along with recommendations.

If you want to get more detailed insights into your website, schedule a free consultation with us.

Why Do I Need to Use a Website Grader?

You get more than a straightforward grade with your report. You’ll have a comprehensive list of actionable items that you can implement to generate more leads, additional traffic, and more revenue.

With the report, you can optimize different areas of your website that contribute to its organic search performance. You can increase your rankings and generate more impressions from search engines like Google and Bing.

Can I Look at Another Website's Performance?

You can enter any website into our free website grader. Looking at how your competition performs will give you additional information on how to improve your own website. 

How is the Website Grader Different than an Audit?

Our free website grader gives you instant results. You don’t have to wait several days to find out the information you’re looking for. 

Secondly, our website grader is free. Some website audits from other agencies can take up a huge chunk of your marketing budget. 

Our results give you a comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance, all for free! Our team is available to give you more detailed insights to help improve your business. 

Ready to Get Started?

Fill out your information in our free website grader and get your results in just a few seconds. Don’t let your website continue underperforming. Boost your presence while increasing your bottom line. 

If you’re looking to elevate your brand and digital presence, schedule a free consultation with one of our team members. 

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