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designed for writers/bloggers and small/medium businesses

Whether you are looking to start a blog or build a website for your company, the first thing you must do is choose a website host. This host takes on a variety of tasks, such as storing the files associated with the website and more. In addition, depending on which host is selected, firewall protection may be included in the package, the host may provide technical assistance, some offer email addresses with the site, and various other services may be incorporated. For this reason, bloggers and businesses need to compare web hosting providers carefully to find the one that best meets their needs. Following are some things to know when choosing a web hosting service.

Free Website Hosting

The first thing many bloggers and business owners wish to know is if a free website hosting service can meet their needs. Although this is an option, it’s one many regret choosing in a short period of time. When a free service is used, the provider has the option of placing ads on the websites hosted on their platform. These ads may not present the right image for the business or blogger with the site, and this needs to be taken into consideration before choosing a free website hosting provider, but it’s not the only one. One major reason many opt to ignore this option is the lack of technical support if a problem arises with the website. These are only two of the many reasons why a free website hosting provider may not be the best choice.

Blogging Websites

A person typically starts a blog to share information with others. They aren’t concerned about what goes on in the background or how content reaches the website visitor. This falls under the duties of the website hosting provider, but they need to ensure they choose a provider familiar with blogs and what they involve. For this reason, many bloggers turn to us, as our WordPress hosting is designed for bloggers by a blogger. We assist clients in a variety of areas, from obtaining a domain name and hosting the site to managing email subscribers. If social media analysis and strategy are issues, we can help bloggers here also and the same is true of e-book and on-demand publishing. Our goal is to provide bloggers with all of the tools they need to succeed, and we can do the same for you.

Small And Medium-Sized Business Websites

Businesses need technology that builds on their business strategy, yet this is one area where many small to medium-sized businesses are lacking. We offer the same services for businesses that we do for bloggers, yet our business website WordPress hosting services have been created by a business owner to ensure nothing is overlooked. Choose from three packages to find the right one for your business or contact for assistance in determining which option best meets your needs. We can also assist with designing or redesigning a website and now offer blogging services for businesses. Blogs serve a number of purposes, thus businesses need to look into adding this feature for the best return on investment when it comes to their site.

Website Migrations

Some bloggers and businesses currently have a web host provider but find this service no longer meets their needs. We offer the option of migrating an existing site to our company to make the process of switching easier. Those with a self-hosted WP site find they can migrate the site for only $49, and individuals with a WordPress.com site may do so for the low fee of $99. When migrating a site from Blogger, expect to pay $149, and we can assist with migrating a site from other services and provide quotes based on that site. Contact us today for more information.

Self Managed Website Hosting

Some individuals do have the technical skills needed to design and update a website and merely need a place to host the site once it is ready. Self-managed hosting is perfect for those in this situation, and we supply this option. Our hosting service provides the space for the site and everything needed to get the site up and running. Once this process is complete, the blogger or business owner then handles any routine maintenance and updates, and we take care of the technology that keeps the site functional.

Managed Website Hosting

Some bloggers and businesses wish to leave all of the background work to a third party, as they wish to focus solely on building their blog or business. We offer this option in the form of managed website hosting. When a blogger or company choosing to make use of our managed web hosting services, we take on a number of additional tasks. We oversee security scans and malware detection, updates for all WordPress plugins and themes, rank tracking and SEO analysis, and more. Many bloggers and companies find this is the best option for them simply because it gives them more time to focus on those tasks they are better equipped to handle, such as customer engagement and service.

Email Accounts

Customers need a way to contact a business, and many prefer to use the email option, yet many web hosting services limit the number of email accounts their clients have access to. Ensuring the email reaches the right person within an organization is critical, however, as this ensures a timely response. Bloggers also need to be able to sort their email according to importance. Some opt to have one account for media requests, one for visitors and another for correspondence with others in their industry. When a client chooses one of our web hosting services, they are given access to unlimited email accounts. This not only improves customer service, but it makes life easier for everyone in the organization, as they aren’t sorting through emails that aren’t pertinent to them, while allowing the individual blogger to spend less time on this task and more on writing.

Contact us to learn about the many options available when it comes to website hosting. We have a plan to meet the needs of all, as we realize a cookie-cutter approach isn’t of help here. From self-managed hosting to rock star hosting, we offer a plan that will work for you, and we guarantee you will be happy. If you aren’t for any reason, you get your money back.

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