How To Write Great Blog Post Titles

Category: Writer Strategy
Skill Level: All Levels
Webinar Recorded: September 25, 2019

It’s the first piece of content people see when you publish a new blog post. And it’s probably the most important. Get it right, and readers might click through to see what you have to say. Get it wrong, and they’ll quickly ignore and move on to something more interesting.

And this isn’t about how to write clickbait titles that basically trick people into reading your blog posts. But there are some best practices you can follow to help you improve your click-thru rates and get more people reading the amazing content you’re writing IN the post.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Why the title is the most important piece of content you write
  • Title formats that pique interest
  • Words to use/avoid (based on click-rate data)
  • Optimizing your titles for search, social media, and email
  • Developing the practice of writing great blog post titles

Upon completion of this webinar, you’ll have a better understanding of the science and the art of writing great blog post titles. You’ll have practical tools you can walk away with right away to help you up your title content writing game right away.

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