Mastering the Science and Art of Blog Email Subscription

Category: Writer Strategy
Skill Level: All Levels
Date Recorded: August 6, 2013

While email may seem somewhat passé in a world dominated by social media, studies show that it’s still the most direct, personal, and effective way to communicate with your readers. The reality is that building (and nurturing) a strong mailing list of readers is the single best thing you can do to grow your platform as a writer.

Unfortunately, most writers don’t focus enough of their attention to how they manage their email subscriber list.

Fortunately, there’s a great deal of research that shows us how we can effectively leverage email subscriptions to better communicate with and grow your audience. But there’s also a bit of art to using email subscription tools effectively.

In this webinar, we will explore what it takes to apply solid and consistent design principles that will help you get to the next level with your email subscriber lists.

Dan King

Dan King


Prior to starting Fistbump Media in 2012, Dan has been a long-time blogger, website developer, and social media expert. He is a speaker and both a self-published and traditionally published author.

He has helped numerous other writers, non-profits, and small businesses expand their reach by using online tools to amplify their voice.

When he's not working, he and his wife are usually spending time with their five kids (two biological and three adopted). 


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