How To Boost Your Website With Spectacular Content

Category: Business Strategy, Writer Strategy
Skill Level: All Levels
Date Recorded: September 6, 2018

A website with a blog provides you with a great deal of opportunity to reach people. But if you’re only relying on the one-time act of publishing the blog post, then you’re missing many of those opportunities. Learn how to create great blog content, promote it well on social media, and easily re-purpose it into other formats which can be shared again over time.

This Free Training for All Website and Blog Owners Will Show You:

  • Create Strong Content For Your Pages and Posts – The content on your website is where it all begins. Develop it well, and you’ll reap the benefits over the long-run.
  • Create an Effective Social Media Promotional Plan – Understand how you can leverage each of the social media platforms, and extend your reach by sharing like a pro.
  • Re-purpose Your Content and Drive Ongoing Traffic – Your content’s useful life doesn’t end when you publish it. Use it to create new micro-content to share over time.