How Blogging Impacts Your Business (And How To Do It Right)

Category: Business Strategy
Skill Level: All Levels
Webinar Recorded: November 12, 2019

If you’re not doing business blogging, then you’re missing some incredible opportunities to reach new customers! Blogging is the core piece of a great content marketing strategy, and it feeds several other elements of what you do to help your business get found online.

Learn not only why it’s important to have a great business blogging strategy, but also how to develop a list of ideas that get you to the things people want to see from you, and how you can leverage that content across platforms in order to get you the most possible traction.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The potential impacts a blog can have on your business website
  • How to research topics and find ideas that will get you instant traction
  • Tips for how to develop great content for your company blog
  • How to leverage the content for social media and search engines
  • (Bonus) How to use syndication to get your content in front of more people

Upon completion of this webinar, you’ll have all of the elements for building a great content marketing strategy using your website’s blog. But you might be saying, “I’m not a writer!” Well, we’ll talk about that too, and let you know how you can take advantage of this strategy without breaking the bank.