Detailed Blog SEO Audit

It’s the best way to find out what’s working with your blog and what’s not. If you want your work to have a better chance of getting found on search engines, then use a detailed blog SEO audit to improve your chances!

Offsite And Keyword Ranking Analysis

How strong is your site’s profile with the search engines? How many keywords are you currently ranking for, and which are driving good traffic? A blog SEO audit will evaluate your keyword ranking profile so you can see what’s working (and what isn’t).

We’ll also take a look at your backlink profile. Backlinks tell the search engines how authoritative your site is. Your report will show you how strong your profile is, and help you identify opportunities.

On-Page Factors And Technical Audit

On-page factors and technical performance are the starting point for strong SEO standings. This blog SEO audit will show you where your website needs to be improved from a technical perspective.

Factors like page loading speeds, metadata settings on your pages and posts, search engine crawlability, and internal linking will be reported in your results. Correcting these factors will help your website run more like a well-oiled machine. And that’s good for the user experience, which is what search engines like to see!

“Wow, this is all so very very helpful! Thank you! Very excited to have some specifics to work on and see the percentages go up!”

Amy Bowman, Blogger


Step 1: Order Your Audit

Place your order, and tell us your blog site address. We’ll start gathering the data and putting together your report. Typically, we’ll get everything back to you within two business days.

Step 2: Review Results

Once you get your results, you can use the information to build a plan for how you can improve your blog. Not sure how to translate the data into an action plan? We’ve got resources to help with that too!

Step 3: Make Updates

Information is only as good as the action it inspires. Implement some or all of the changes the data suggests. How much you do is up to you. Need help? Then book a free call with us to explore that.

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