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We believe content is king when it comes to blogging, but an eye-catching design will help create a sense of confidence in your visitors that will keep them around long enough to discover your amazing content. We want to help you do that!

Five Reasons To Get a Blog Makeover

  • Start something new When you enter a new phase in your life, a new look for your blog can reflect the change or fresh start.
  • Experiment Avoiding change can make life monotonous and boring. Trying on a new look can liven things up and breathe new life into your writing.
  • Feel good A new look can increase your confidence. The key is finding the right look that puts that spring in your step.
  • Grab someone’s attention Are you trying to take your writing to the next level? Are you trying to get noticed? The right look can turn heads in your direction.
  • It’s a great stress buster. A makeover can eliminate worry-lines by cleaning up important features on the outside and the inside.

“Fistbump Media did a great job "fixing" my broken website. They were helpful and attentive to answering questions and making sure it is in full operating mode."

Janet Grunst, Blogger

Initial Pricing

Whatever your reason, we have packages to fit your vision or your budget. And if those two things don’t match up, then we’ll even work with you on a payment plan so that you can get the makeover you need and make it easier on the wallet.

When you do a blog makeover, you may also want to consider completing your look with one or more of these complimentary services we offer:

And if none of these packages meets your specific needs, then we’ll work that out in the discovery phase of your makeover project. We can put together a custom package that meets your needs and/or budget.

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