In business, you want your web technology to work for you. That’s why we design your website and social media presence to deliver you the results you’re looking for. You don’t just need the technology. You need technology that builds on your business strategy. We’ve got you covered! Check out our full list of services that can help you below.

Get a Free SEO Website Analysis Report

How is well is your website working? We’ll run a full analysis on your website, and share the results with you to use however you’d like. No obligation. Just powerful information in your hands.


Build Your Brand Identity

  • Hundreds of domain name extensions available
  • Personal support to fit your needs
  • Backed by eNom, a leading domain name registrar


(by a business owner)

Reputation Management

The Reputation Management tool allows you to monitor and build your company’s online reputation. You’ll have access to a dashboard where you can manage listings on local directories, request feedback from your customers, monitor and respond to feedback and other mentions, and build your reviews on all of the important review sites.

Log in to the dashboard with the following demo account information and click on the Reputation tab to see how it works. (link opens in a new window)
p: demo

The Reputation Management tool is available in the Business Reputation Hosting Plan, but can also be added on to the Basic Hosting plan. It can also be purchased as a stand-alone module.


We build websites on the WordPress platform which are optimized for SEO to drive traffic and are designed for conversion to drive results. We can take on any project, big or small. Your project can be customized to meet whatever needs and budget you have, but here are some starting points for small/medium business website development projects:

Basic Web Design – $1247

Development of high-quality WordPress site for local business niches. Includes migration of up to 30 pages and integration of features such as blogs, social media icons, etc.

Basic Web Design + Content – $1747

Same overall as Basic Web Design package. Also, website development with content creation. Includes five pages of 350-word business content. Also includes basic logo design (if needed).

Advanced Website Design – $3747

Creation of highly customized WordPress sites, multiple mockups, and revisions. Includes WooCommerce integration and payment gateway setup. Perfect for larger projects with on-site e-commerce.


Getting your website ranked on search engines can boost your business significantly. Not paying enough attention to it can mean little to no new leads. Our approach is to focus both on internal (on your website) and external (off-site signals and link-building) factors that drive rankings (and traffic) for your website.

We specialize in both local SEO for small/medium businesses, and national/global (organic) SEO for brands that are not limited by geography.

Local SEO targets local search specifically. That means that your audience is within a few miles from your business and that your online presence is meant to drive foot traffic to an actual establishment. This is done through several methods including using geo-centric keywords, producing locally relevant content, building citations on local niches and directories, and tying up with websites in the same area.

Organic SEO is location neutral. It’s ideal for websites that generate revenue exclusively online or are just looking to generate awareness through a wide audience. If you’re running a national campaign or an e-commerce campaign, this is the perfect methodology for you.

Our packages focus primarily on monthly recurring services to help build momentum over time. However, we can also do one-time services a la carte as you go.


There are three main benefits for your business with blogging on your website: (1) It establishes you as an expert in your field to potential customers, (2) It’s a way to provide additional resources to existing customers, and (3) You’re creating additional entry points to your website. But who has the time to blog? We do, that’s who? We’ll create a custom strategy that aligns with your business goals.



(let us worry about posting to your social media accounts for you)

* We can also manage social media content for other platforms, such as Twitter and Pinterest. Additionally, we can work with you to train you or your team to manage this kind of content. Simply contact us via the form at the bottom of this page to inquire about those plans.



A great email marketing strategy will leverage blog content and other resources which add value for you customers and improve their lives in some way. It’ll be important to have a mix of helpful resources, with the promotion of your products and services weaved in as a solution to problems. It’s a great way to build repeat business and customer loyalty. We’ll help you make sense of it, and develop a great strategy that drives results. Don’t miss this opportunity to have one-on-one communication with you customers in a way that can drive some serious results.


We’ll get everything up and running for you:

  • Set up your mailing list
  • Design the campaign template
  • Match the design of your website
  • Integrate website sign-up forms


Promote over time with a drip campaign:

  • Develop content/promo strategy
  • Build the emails (up to 3)
  • Match the design of your website
  • Create the “rules” for delivery


Create a monthly newsletter using blog content from your website:

  • Write content for monthly theme
  • Integrate content and resources
  • Match the design of your website
  • Monitor engagement reports

Want to chat? Connect with one of our Business Consultants now!

We’ll always do a FREE initial 30-minute consult to talk through your needs and develop a plan that works best for you and your company. There’s no obligation, and no pressure. Which means there’s no reason not to book some time now! We can also do paid consulting for any other needs you may have which don’t fit into any of the services listed on this page. Our paid consulting runs at the rate of $150 per hour and can be on-site or online. (Note: On-site consults may incur additional travel expenses if not local to the Sarasota, FL area.)


Grab some time on Dan’s calendar to talk through your project needs and get a full quote for whatever services you’re looking for. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that meets your goals and fits your budget.

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