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We provide business listings that rank higher in search engine results, such as Google. Get started for free with the ListingBuilder and then upgrade to powerful presence management tools—Listing Distribution & Listing Sync Pro if you want more control of your online marketing!!

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Listing Sync: Google, Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for connecting with your customers. With our free service you can quickly establish accurate business information on these (and many other) sites in order to keep them up-to date about what’s going at the company!

Google Business Profile Insights: Google Insights in Listing Builder provides a valuable glimpse into your customer’s activities. With this information, you can make changes to improve performance and serve more customers!

Listing Distribution

Build citations, boost SEO.

Customers are quickly becoming habituated to the latest search trends, and they’ll be more likely than ever before in their lives to find what you have online. This is all thanks largely due modern technology like GPS systems or mobile apps – which means that people can now access information about your business from anywhere at any time! You’ve got some great opportunities here for increased visibility if you’re ready take advantage of them.

The consequences of missing or incorrect data can be severe. This includes unhappy customers, lost revenue and a drop in local search ranking which will result in less web traffic for your company’s business!

We submit your business information to the main data aggregators: Neustar/Localeze, Foursquare, and Data Axle.

These directories have a network of sites that power search engines, navigation systems and more—and create accurate listings for customers.


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Listing Sync PRO

Get accurate, get found.

Business listings may be the most important aspect of any company because they’re what people use to find you. If your business isn’t professional and accurate, then potential customers will go elsewhere!

Listing Sync Pro is the ultimate solution for businesses who want to keep their information private and secure. With just one dashboard, you can control how your business appears on multiple sites all in a matter of seconds! Better yet? This feature prevents anyone else from changing or updating our data, which means our listings will always be up-to-date. This gives us full control over our online brand 24/7.

Your business is on the rise. Make sure you’re found with Listing Sync Pro!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a strong presence important for a local business like me?

Customers are more likely to buy from you when they can easily find information about your product or service. Make sure that the website’s address, phone number and other key details like opening hours appear on every page of its pages so people know where exactly it is located!

Why is it important for local business like me to have a mobile optimized listing?

Good customer experience is a priority for search engine optimization. Mobile devices will be used by consumers in their searches, and they generally start these with category or brand-related queries like “Joe’s Pizza Denver” (using an example). These types of keyword phrases have intent that can range from buying something specific to just looking up near locations; however it also heavily relies on proximity so local listings matter most when building pages on your website.

How does Listing Distribution work?

Listing Distribution has the opportunity to submit your business information to four main data aggregators, who will then use this as a resource for accurate listings. This includes search engines and navigation systems; it also allows mobile apps created with offline sources like telephone books or government records that have consistent information about you in them—giving more confidence when creating online content around your company’s products/services offerings.

How long does Listing Distribution take?

Once you enter your business information, it is pushed to the data aggregators. It can take 6-8 weeks for them receive and ensure its accuracy in their own databases before they update other sites with this new info (depending on which process each source has).

What is a data aggregator?

Data aggregators are the lifeblood of modern technology, powering everything from your favorite podcast app to Apple’s Siri. These companies gather consumer and business data in order provide it for hundreds listings websites across various industries like shopping or travel planning – but not just them! Data also helps power sophisticated applications that help us navigate our world more easily than ever before with modern tools such as digital maps on smartphones which can tell you how far away an object is without having any contact information available.

How often can I make changes to my business profile?

You can make as many changes to your business profile while your Listing Distribution subscription is active. There’s no limit on how often you want to update it!

How often are listings sent to the data aggregators?

When a new listing or modification is made in our system, it’s sent within 24 hours. The data aggregators receive this information and provide us with confirmation within 6-8 weeks – but you can rest assured that we’ll refresh your listings once every week so they are always up to date!

What if a business has duplicate listings—how does Listing Distribution take care of those?

We submit your listing to the data aggregators, who have their own process for eliminating duplicate listings.

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