Payment Plans and Financing

financing, payment plans, website designReaching your goals always requires an investment of some form. Sometimes it’s time. Sometimes it’s expertise. Sometimes it’s education. And sometimes it’s money.

One thing that’s important to us is that we want to remove obstacles to helping you reach your goals, even if it’s a financial obstacle. So when you are considering a financial investment into your web strategy, we want to do what we can to make it easier for you. We know this kind of work isn’t always cheap, especially if you want it done right. That’s why we offer easy payment plans. Our hope is that it’ll take the stress out of having a large financial burden when getting the work done that you want to do.

Normally, we use the a basic payment structure for all (non-recurring payment) projects:

  • 25% down to start the work
  • 75% due within 15 days of completion of the project

In order to ease the financial burden, we offer three options for our clients:

  • Four-month payment schedule (for our hosting clients)
  • Two-month payment schedule (for anyone)
  • BillMeLater financing

Four-Month Payment Schedule

This option is something we offer to our hosting clients. If you also purchase one of our web hosting packages, then we’ll give you the option of paying over a four month period once the project has been completed. In this scenario, we handle payments (set up as an automatic payment via PayPal) link this:

  • 25% down to start the work
  • 25% due upon completion of the project
  • 50% split up into four monthly payments

So for a blog redesign package of $399, the payment schedule would look like this:

$100 – Initial payment
$100 – Completed project payment
$49.75/mo for four months

There is no additional fee if all payments are completed on time with this schedule.

Two-Month Payment Schedule

This option is similar four-month schedule, but doesn’t require you to be a hosting client. You can have your website hosted anywhere, and we’ll set up a payment schedule like this (if needed):

  • 25% down to start the work
  • 25% due upon completion of the project
  • 50% split up into two monthly payments

BillMeLater Financing (via PayPal)

bill me later, financingFor any order/invoice over $99, you have the option of using PayPal’s BillMeLater feature. Simply look for the BillMeLater icon on the invoices, and choose that option for payment. It is a financing option available through PayPal, and is subject to approval through them. This option will give you six months (no interest and no payments) to pay the balance on any purchases.

Just let us know if you plan to use this option, and would like for us to invoice a total due for the project in a single invoice.