SSL Certificates

Keep your visitors safe by taking website security seriously.

  • Accept payments on your site
  • Boost your Google rankings
  • Help your visitors feel safe

How your SSL certificate works

When someone visits your SSL-protected website, the certificate automatically creates an encrypted connection with their browser. The green padlock icon and “HTTPS” appear in the browser address bar to indicate that it’s safe to input personal information. This not only protects the information being passed, but it also gives website visitors a high level of confidence that they are safe on your website.

Why do you need web security?

First and foremost, SSL security on your website provides the encryption needed for accepting payments and exchanging sensitive visitor information. Without this encryption, visitors personal (and payment) information could be easily intercepted by bad people. Protect your visitors (and yourself) by hiding this information from onlookers.

Second, Google is always looking for ways to display the best information to searchers. Having SSL security on your website tells them that you take providing a good experience for your visitors seriously. And providing a good, quality experience is something that get you a little boost in the rankings.

Finally, it simply makes your visitors feel safer. Even if they aren’t passing sensitive personal information around on your site, seeing the green lock can put them at ease. Visitors tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable on secure websites.


What about protecting my site from malware and viruses?

Having SSL security for your website can help deter malicious activity. But it doesn’t keep your site clean from malware and viruses that could harm your website and its visitors.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that you are actively monitoring hacker activity and potential holes they can sneak in through. One of the most important factors in keeping your site safe is simply keeping everything up to date. That’s where the maintenance plan in our BASIC Hosting (and above) packages can help you!

In addition to actively taking care of these upgrades on your site, we also work with Wordfence Security to identify and resolve potential holes. We’ll monitor issues (and potential issues), and take any action necessary to keep your safe. This way you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with malware, virus, or other security issues on your site.

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