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“I was delighted with the creative and efficient approach Dan King took in developing my e-book; he is professional, easy going and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Fistbump Media for all of your [publishing] needs.”

Emily Wierenga

Author, How to Write Inspirational Memoir: 7 Essentials from an Author and an Editor

Dan and the team at Fistbump Media provided me with an excellent finished product. I am thrilled with the end result and excited to see my book, The Phoenix Marriage, go to print. Great work. Great people.

Kyle Gabhart

Author, The Phoenix Marriage: God Creates Beauty Out of Ashes

What’s in the course?

The Analysis Phase

Start with the heart. Follow the data. Before you even start writing, it’s important to lay a foundation which will help you discover a great idea for your book.

The Design Phase

Everything from artwork to writing, design your book with excellence. Gather (and/or write) your content, develop a winning title, and rock your cover design (because people DO judge a book by its cover).

The Development Phase

Formatting and layout strategies to prepare you for publishing. Follow the step-by-step guide to get you through everything from editing to formatting to publishing for both e-book and print.

The Implementation Phase

Launch and market your book no matter the size of your platform. Build your marketing plan, running your launch plan, and develop an ongoing promotional schedule.

The Evaluation Phase

Success goes far beyond the launch. You need to have a strategy for growing sales over the long-term. Learn how to track your sales, and how to revise your ongoing marketing strategy.

Nearly every blogger I know has the goal of getting published. Unfortunately, few ever reach that goal. Some struggle with the high perceived investment of time and/or money. Others feel like they may not be able to overcome certain technical aspects of publishing. Regardless of the obstacle, if you’re one of those bloggers who dream of getting published, then I’m here to share a shocking truth with you.

It may not be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. And it is a lot of work. Our dreams and goals rarely ever just happen to us. But if you’ve been blogging for a while (six months or more), then the truth is that it’s easier to get published than you think!

Too many writers never accomplish their dream of publishing a book because they’re waiting around for someone else to take their story seriously. Don’t be one of those people! I’ve self-published and sold thousands of books, and I’ve helped others do the same. Now is your time!

Dan King

Founder of Fistbump Media (and course author)

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